Кад мастер журнал

кад мастер журнал

The modern sense of misplacing an object appeared later, in the thirteenth century; a hundred years after that, “to lose” acquired the meaning of failing to win. In the sixteenth century, we began to lose our minds; in the seventeenth century, our hearts. Polis and politeia, city and citizenship, constituted and defined one another. Lovell doesn’t know if she’d be willing to raise children in South Korea, with its hypercompetitive school system. In addition, many women told me that they may leave because of the dearth of romantic partners. While the state of exception was originally conceived as a provisional measure, which was meant to cope with an immediate danger in order to restore the normal situation, the security reasons constitute today a permanent technology of government. Its beating heart lies within an ultra-secret circuit covered in epoxy to foil copyists, and is blessed by secret sprites that only appear on Tone Mountain once every third full moon to bestow unbridled sonic mojo.

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