Презентация журнала голливудский репортер

презентация журнала голливудский репортер

With the entertainment industry as a whole shrinking, «Hollywood studios have cut more than $20 million from the Motion Picture Association of America budget this year. The alliance includes an exchange of stories when the need arises, and gives The Reporter access into the home entertainment trade, which Variety enjoys with its sister publication, the Reed-owned Video Business. Открыла вечер певица Азиза, которая спела песню Эдит Пиаф в честь 100-летия со дня рождения знаменитой исполнительницы. And if they are covering Hollywood aggressively and breaking stories, then people will have to read it.”The Reporter, along with its older rival, Variety, has also been struggling to adjust to a sharp downturn in industry-oriented advertising. — 1-month subscription for US$12.99 (4 issues), automatically renewed until cancelled.

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