Журнал пентхаус видео мобильного телефона

журнал пентхаус видео мобильного телефона

And when I got to the punch line about what I actually said as I hung up he was elated. “Good for you! The owners, along with two officials of the resort, Morris B. Moe Dalitz and Allard Roen, filed a libel lawsuit for $522 million against the magazine and the writers. In 1982, a jury absolved the magazine of any liability against the lawsuit from the owners. Scott Pelley: And your father also used to tell you— if I have this right, «Attack, attack, attack.» Donald Trump: I’ll tell you what, my father was a really good man with a tremendous heart. Now, let me just say this, ISIS in Syria, Assad in Syria, Assad and ISIS are mortal enemies. We go in to fight ISIS. Why aren’t we letting ISIS go and fight Assad and then we pick up the remnants? Donald Trump: Well, you’re going to have to do something at some point.

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