Журнал solar physics

журнал solar physics

Solar Physics Division Popular Writing Awards The Solar Physics Division of the American Astronomical Society solicits nominations for the Popular Writing Award, which is awarded annually to authors of popular articles about the Sun or the effects of the Sun on the Earth’s environment. Many scientists working in the field of solar neutrinos believe that, in retrospect, we have had evidence for oscillations of solar neutrinos since 1968. But, we do not yet know what causes the multiple personality disorder of solar neutrinos. Any living scientist or journalist is eligible to receive the award. Hydrogen is the most abundant constituent of the sun and similar stars, and indeed the most abundant element in the universe. According to standard theory, about a hundred billion solar neutrinos pass through your thumbnail every second and you don’t notice them. However, subsequent astronomical observations showed that the sun does not contain a lot of radioactive materials, but instead is mostly hydrogen in gaseous form.

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