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Retrieved 2013-01-07. ^ Margaret, Mary (2012-04-19). «Jenny McCarthy: ‘I’m Taking Baby Steps’ with New Romance». Parade. Nuoroda tikrinta 2012-09-30. ↑ „Nitelife TV“. Suarchyvuotas originalas 2012-10-28. Nuoroda tikrinta 2012-09-30. ↑ Thomas Whitaker (01st August 2007). „Blue star’s bra rampage“. The Sun. But it comes in 4 colors and in a much finer, more supple leather. The difference is that we are trying to function in a democratic setup. Also, each new cartridge has its own built-in valve, the heart of a lutane lighter It’s like getting a new engine in a car each time you gas up. Automatic operation should include: remote control forward and reverse, variable slide-changing time cycle, and built-in room light control.

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